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Hannover International Neurosurgical Congress 2017 Started

The HINC 2017 congress has just stated with openning speeches from Prof.Amir Samii, the congress pre... Read more

organisation of the "Hannover International Neurosurgery Congress 2017" in Honor of Prof. …

Organisation of the "Hannover International Neurosurgery Congress 2017" in Honor of Prof. Samii In ... Read more

Honorary guest and lecturer of the 7th International Conference on Acoustic Neuroma

Professor Madjid Samii was the honorary guest and lecturer of the 7th International Conference ... Read more

Visiting professorship

  1. Visiting professor at the Harvard Neurosurgical department, Massachusetts General Hospital, 26-May-1982
  2. Keith Professorship University of Toronto, Canada, 1988
  3. visiting professor during the 65th anniversary of neurosurgery in Yugoslavia and the 50th anniversary of the clinic of neurosurgery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 31-Oct-1988
  4. Visiting Professor for life at Medical Faculty of University of California (UCLA) Los Angeles, USA, and Visiting Director of the Skull Base Center at Neurosurgical Clinic of UCLA, 1989
  5. Sally Harrington Goldwater memorial visiting Professor Award, Barrow neurological foundation, Phoenix Arizona, USA, 18-Jan-1991
  6. Visiting professor of national Taiwan University College of Medicine, 22-Nov-1998
  7. The Sixth Annual Loyd C. Megison, Jr. Visiting Professorship Louisiana State University Medical Center, Shreveport, Louisiana, USA, 29-Apr-1999
  8. Visiting Professor of the Capital University of Medical Sciences in Beijing, China, 29-Feb-2000
  9. McLaughlin-Gallie Visiting Professorship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada with the award of $10,000, 2003
  10. The first international visiting scholar lecturer in neurosurgery at University of California San Francisco department of neurosurgical surgery, 15-Jul-2004
  11. Visiting Professor of Neurosurgery in Stanford University, California, USA, 16-Jul-2004
  12. Carl Zeiss Visiting Professor and memorial lecturer of the University clinic of Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 26-Oct-2005
  13. Visiting Professor of Neurosurgery in University of California (UCLA), Los Angeles, USA, 29-Jan-2007
  14. Visiting Professor of the Serbian University of Belgrade, Sep-2009
  15. Visiting professor of Department of Neurosurgery and Neurooncology of Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, 6 February 2015, 6-8 March 2015

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