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Hannover International Neurosurgical Congress 2017 Started

The HINC 2017 congress has just stated with openning speeches from Prof.Amir Samii, the congress pre... Read more

organisation of the "Hannover International Neurosurgery Congress 2017" in Honor of Prof. …

Organisation of the "Hannover International Neurosurgery Congress 2017" in Honor of Prof. Samii In ... Read more

Honorary guest and lecturer of the 7th International Conference on Acoustic Neuroma

Professor Madjid Samii was the honorary guest and lecturer of the 7th International Conference ... Read more

Editorial board membership

  1. International Liaison and advisory panel member of “Neurosurgery” journal
  2. former  chairman and editorial committee member of “Critical Reviews in Neurosurgery” journal
  3. Editor emeritus of “Skull Base Surgery” journal    
  4. Honorary editor of “Neurosurgical Review” journal    
  5. Associate editor of “Neurological Research” journal     
  6. Advisory board member  of “Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery”
  7. Editorial board member of “Operative Techniques in Neurosurgery” journal
  8. Reviewer of “Neurosurgical Focus” journal      
  9. Editorial board member of “Acta Neurochirurgica” journal    
  10. Editorial board member of “Neuroanatomy” journal
  11. Advisor of “Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy” journal   
  12. Editorial board member of “Surgical Neurology” journal           
  13. Editorial board member of “Chirurgia Neurologica” journal     
  14. Editorial board member of “African Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences”
  15. Editorial board member and member of international board of consultants of “Archives of Iranian Medicine” journal
  16. Editorial advisory board member of “Chinese Journal of Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery”
  17. Editorial board member of “Hong Kong Neuroscience Foundation Charitable Trust”
  18. Honorary board Membership of “Maghreb Journal of Neurosurgery”     (Morocco-Algeria-Tunisia)
  19. International editorial committee member of “Neurocirugia” journal (Spanish-Portuguese Journal of Neurosurgery)
  20. Editorial advisory board member of “Neurocirugía-Neurocirurgia” journal     
  21. Advisor of “Pan Arab Journal  of Neurosurgery”  
  22. Editorial board member of “Russian Neurosurgery” journal     
  23. Advisory board member of “Türkiye Klinikleri Journal of Medical Sciences”  
  24. International advisory board of “Turkish Neurosurgery & Türk Nörosirürji Dergisi” journal  
  25. Editorial board member of “Ukrainian Journal of Minimally Invasive and  Endoscopic Surgery”
  26. Member of board of referees of “Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery (EJNS)”

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