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Hannover International Neurosurgical Congress 2017 Started

The HINC 2017 congress has just stated with openning speeches from Prof.Amir Samii, the congress pre... Read more

organisation of the "Hannover International Neurosurgery Congress 2017" in Honor of Prof. …

Organisation of the "Hannover International Neurosurgery Congress 2017" in Honor of Prof. Samii In ... Read more

Honorary guest and lecturer of the 7th International Conference on Acoustic Neuroma

Professor Madjid Samii was the honorary guest and lecturer of the 7th International Conference ... Read more

Awards, Medals and Honors


  1. Federal Republic of Germany Merit Cross First Class Award from the President of the Federal Republic of Germany for the scientific and practical development of neurosurgery and special efforts for the  international scientific cooperation in this field., Mai-1988

  2. Award of the Prize of Science of Lower Saxony, 10-Oct-1988

  3. Traffic Security Award „Non disputare, sed agere“ by Traffic Guard of Lower Saxony, 1992

  4. Award of the Rudolf Frey Prize for extraordinary achievements in the field of pain therapy, Dec-2000

  5. Awarded by the 3rd International Skull Base Congress, Foz de Iguacu, Brazil, 7-Nov-2000

  6. Award of a Prize by the Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery, 19-Jun-2002

  7. Award of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, 2003

  8. Paul C. Bucy Award for outstanding contributions to neurosurgical education by the University of Chicago, USA, 2003

  9. Awarded the Avicenna Prize by Association of Iranian Physician and Dentists in Germany, 2-Sep-2006

  10. Iranian scientific award “Chehrehayeh Mandegar“ for medicine, Tehran, Iran, 13-Nov-2006

  11. Chinese Friendship Award 2007 in Beijing, P. R. China, 1-Oct-2007

  12. “INC Award” by Instituto de Neurologia de Curitiba, Curitiba, Brazil , Jun-2009

  13. Awarded the “Leibniz-Ring award 2013" with Leibniz prize of 15,000 Euro , Hannover, Germany, 12 November 2013

  14. National Iranian award of "Quality Commitment" in the field of medicine, Tehran, Iran,  22 December 2013

  15. 27th Khwarizmi International Award, presented by the Iranian president, Tehran, Iran, 02 March 2014

  16. WIPO Award (World Intellectual Property Organization) for best inventor, Tehran, Iran, 02 March 2014

  17. Winner of the “Golden Neuron Awards” of the World Academy Of Neurological Surgery, Vienna, Austria, 11 October 2014

  18. National gold award of the Serbia by the president of Serbia, Belgrad, Serbia, 15 Februar 2016

  19. Afzalipoor scientific Award of Kerman University, Kerman, Iran, 22 Februar 2016

  20. Award of the Neurosurgical department of the Antioquia University of Columbia, 5 April 2016

  21. Award of the Latin American Federation of Neurosurgical societies, Tehran, Iran, 17 April 2016

  22. European Skull Base Society award with Wolfgang Draf lecture on the occasion of the 12th congress of the European Skull Base Society, Berlin, Germany, 26 May 2016



  1. Nobel medal by the professor of neurosurgical department at Karolinska Institute and the member of the nobel prise committee, Stockholm, Sweden, 22-Sep-1987

  2. Obrador Medal, Madrid, Spain, 1989

  3. Jamieson Medal, Australia, 1991

  4. Sir Charles Balance Medal, London, England, 1997

  5. Aristoteles Gold Medal by the University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 1998

  6. Decoration in Gold by Traffic Guard of Germany to celebrate Prof. Samii’s 65th birthday and 25th anniversary as a neurosurgeon in Hannover, 19-Jun-2002

  7. Medal of Recognition of the Polish Society of Neurosurgery by the occasion of 50 years Anniversary of the society in Krakow, Poland, 21-Oct-2004

  8. Fedor-Krause-Medal of the German Society of Neurosurgery, 28-Apr-2007

  9. Medal of honor of China by the prime minister in the national day of china, Beijing, P. R. China, 1-Oct-2007

  10. Gold Medal by the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Neurosurgical Society of America at Pebble Beach, California, USA , 13-Apr-2010

  11. Awarded with the Medal of Honor from the medical faculty of the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, 13-jun-2012

  12. Medal of Honor of Colombian Association of Neurosurgery for 50th anniversary of the Association, 07-Sep-2012,Colombia

  13. Gold medal of scientific recognition from university of Messina: the president of Messina university awarded Professor Madjid Samii as a worldwide leader in neurosurgery and an outstanding scientist with the Gold Medal of recognition during an academic ceremony in Aula Magna of Universita Degli Studi di Messina, 03-April-2013, Messina, Italy

  14. Awarded the gold medal of honor of Spanish Neurosurgery Society, Spain, 14 May 2013

  15. Awarded the gold medal of Columbian University of Antioquia, 15 May 2013

  16. Honorary “Tabriz medal” and citizenship of Tabriz, the capital city of Tabriz province, Tabriz, Iran, 30 August 2014

  17. The gold medal of colombian association of neurosurgery, Cali, Columbia, 30 March 2017

  18. The first ‘Konovalov Gold Medal’ and implantation of an apple tree in honor of Prof. Samii in the Burdenko national scientific and practical centre for neurosurgery, Moscow, Russia, 19 May 2017




  1. Chief medical authority of president of the United States during his visit to Germany,1987

  2. Honored by university of Belgrade during the 65th anniversary of neurosurgery in Yugoslavia and the 50th anniversary of the clinic of neurosurgery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia , 31-Oct-1988

  3. Honorary Citizenship of the City Osario, Argentina, 1994

  4. The only medical member of Board of Trustees of „EXPO 2000“  World's Fair, Hannover, Germany, 1995

  5. Honored by International Skull Base society in 2nd International Skull Base Congress for his "foresight and leadership as president, 1992 - 1996, that prompted progress in the field of Skull Base Surgery." , San Diego, California, USA, 29-Jun-1996

  6. Award with nomination as Distinguished guest of the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, 8-Oct-1996

  7. Honored by WFNS during the 11th international congress of neurological surgery, Amsterdam, Holland , 6-Jul-1997

  8. Dedication of Elyseu Paglioli’s 100th birthday anniversary symposium by Porto Alegre University to Professor Madjid Samii, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 1997

  9. Special honor by the Turkish Neurosurgical Society during its 12th scientific meeting, Ankara, Turkey , 15-May-1998

  10. Honored by Brazilian Neurosurgical Society during the 12th Brazilian Neurosurgical Congress for 30 years of evolution in the Acoustic Nerve Tumor Surgery and in recognition for his friendship and support to the Brazilian Neurosurgical community, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 10-Sep-1998

  11. Honored during the second annual meeting of Pan Arab Neurosurgical Society, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt October , 28-Oct-1998

  12. Honored by the Turkish Neurosurgical Society, Istanbul, Turkey , 15-May-1999

  13. Courtesy Professor in the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, USA, 2000

  14. Honored during the 3rd congress of Pan Arab Neurosurgical Society  in recognition for his continuous support for Pan Arab Neurosurgical Society, Beirut, Lebanon, 01 oct 2000

  15. Honored by  International Neurobionik Foundation for his generous personal commitment to the realization of the ultimate goal of “blind should see again, deaf should hear again, paralyzed should walk again”, 23-Jan-2000

  16. Honored during the 70th anniversary of American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Toronto, Canada, 21-Apr-2001

  17. Inauguration of his statue in the public garden of the capital city of Guilan in Resht-Iran in acknowledgement of his lifelong achievements, 2003

  18. In recognition of Professor Samii´s 25 years chairmanship of the Neurosurgical Clinic of Hannover, the lecture hall of the hospital was dedicated to his name (Madjid Samii- Auditorium), 2003

  19. Foundation of an international neurosurgical society of former pupils and friends under the name of MASSIN (Madjid Samii Society of International Neurosurgeons e.V.), 25-Feb-2003

  20. Honored by Chinese Journal of Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery for His contribution to the journal, 1-May-2004

  21. The first Honorary Ring of the City of Hannover (Garbsen) for outstanding contribution to the fame of the city worldwide, 7-Sep-2004

  22. In recognition of his worldwide contribution to the skull base surgery the new established skull base training center at the XuanWu University Hospital of the Capital Medical University  in Beijing, China, was dedicated to him (Samii Skull Base Surgery Training Center), 25-Nov-2004

  23. “Walk of Fame”, Hannover (Garbsen), 24-Apr-2005

  24. Honorary Member of the Charity Society for School Constructions in Iran, 2006

  25. Honored by the president of  Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, for his contribution to neurosurgery, 3-Mar-2006

  26. Honored by the Encyclopedia Iranica in recognition of his contribution to medical science, USA, 2006

  27. In recognition of Prof. Samii´s outstanding and valuable contribution to the education and development of Neurosurgery in Morocco and Africa he was honored by the University of Rabat/Morocco (Mohammed V University- Souissi) during an international conference, 8-Mar-2007

  28. Honored in the 13th WFNS interim and 12th Asian Australasian Congress of Neurological Surgery (AACNS) meeting, Nagoya, Japan  with a special scientific session for his 70th years birthday anniversary, 18-Nov-2007

  29. Celebration of professor Samii´s 30th year anniversary in Hannover, organized by Lord Major of City of Hannover, Lower Saxony and signing  the “Golden Book” of Hannover., 15-Dec-2007

  30. Foundation of Professor Samii International Health Institute, 20-Feb-2009

  31. Honored during the 11th International Facial Nerve Symposium, Rome, Italy for his outstanding contribution to the treatment of facial nerve disorders., 25-Apr-2009

  32. Honored by WFNS on the occasion of the 14th  WFNS world congress of neurosurgery "in appreciation of exceptional and distinguished service to the federation and dedication to the highest goals of the worldwide neurological surgery", Boston, USA , 30-Aug-2009

  33. Naming a high school in the capital city of Rasht after Professor Madjid Samii “Professor Samii’s High school”, Rasht, Iran, 2010

  34. Special 2-day National Conference of  the Bangladesh Society of Neurosurgeons in honor of Prof. Madjid Samii, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 15-16 April 2011

  35. WFNS awarded the 1st “Madjid Samii Medal of Honour” to Professor Maurice Choux from Marseille, France during the 14th Interim Meeting of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies in Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco,Brazil , 17-Sep-2011

  36. Nomination as Ambassador for Africa by the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS), Sep-2011

  37. Inauguration of Professor Samii’s dedicated section in the National Museum of Medical Science History of Iran, Tehran 5 Oct 2012

  38. launching event for “Africa 100” project with participation of former president of the Germany and several ambassadors of African countries and members of directory board of Volkswagen company , Car City, Wolfsburg, Germany, 2 Nov 2012

  39. Inauguration of Professor Madjid Samii Stamp by National Iranian Post Company, 27 Dec 2012

  40. Inauguration ceremony for the naming of “Professor Madjid Samii boulevard” in the capital city of Rasht, Guilan, Iran, 28 Dec 2012

  41. Cornerstone ceremony for the “Science and Knowledge  Foundation of Professor Madjid Samii" at Guilan University of Medical Sciences campus, Guilan, Iran, 28 Dec 2012

  42. Honorary citizen of the capital city of Rasht, Guilan, Iran, 28 Dec 2012

  43. Official visit to the Professor Madjid Samii high school, Rasht, Iran, 28 Dec 2012

  44. Nomination as the “welfare ambassador” by the Welfare Organisation of Iran, Jan 2013

  45. WFNS awarded the second “Madjid Samii Medal of Honor” to Professor Sir Lindsay Symon from Wiltshire during the 15th WFNS World Congress in Seoul, South Korea, 9 September 2013

  46. “World Neurosurgery”, the official journal of WFNS has nominated Prof. Samii as “Neurosurgeon of the Year 2013” and dedicated the November issue to his life achievements, November 2013

  47. Issuance of Professor Madjid Samii postage stamp by Deutsche Post and Presse Club Hannover in the event of “Leibniz-Ring award 2013", 12 November 2013

  48. Organisation of the 20th anniversary of the International Neurobionics Institute in Hannover with awarding through Neurobionics awards, Hannover, Germany, 18 January 2014

  49. Issuance of Professor Madjid Samii honorary postage stamp in the event of nomination as the affiliate professor of Islamic Azad University of Iran by National Iranian Post Company, Tehran, Iran, 03 March 2014

  50. Honorary citizenship of Isfahan, the capital city of Isfahan province, Isfahan, Iran, 16 June 2014

  51. Honorary guest of Yazd; the capital city of Yazd province , Yazd, Iran, 17 June 2014

  52. Honorary “Tabriz medal” and citizenship of Tabriz, the capital city of Tabriz province, Tabriz, Iran, 30 August 2014

  53. Honorary citizenship of the Shenzhen city, China, 29 December 2014

  54. Honorary Citizenship of Hamadan, the capital city of Hamadan province,  Iran, 08 October 2015

  55. The third “Madjid Samii Medal of Honor”was awarded by WFNS to Prof. Alexander N.Konovalov during the 15th WFNS Interim Meeting, Rome, Italy, 12 September 2015

  56. Honored by presidents of 5 universities in Kerman, Kerman, Iran, 22 Februar 2016

  57. Honorary citizen of Kerman, the capital city of Kerman province, Iran, 22 Februar 2016

  58. Honorary citizen of the Bam City, Bam, Iran, 22 Februar 2016

  59. Honorary citizen of the ‘New Arg’ City, Bam, Iran, 22 Februar 2016

  60. Honorary member of the friend circle society of the Kerman University, Kerman, Iran, 22 Februar 2016

  61. Honorary citizen of the Sari, the Capital of the Mazandadarn province, Sari, Iran, 27 September 2016



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